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Calling all singers, vocalists, sopranos, mezzos, altos, tenors, basses, pop stars, jazz singers, musical theatre actors, opera stars, and anyone looking to find new ways to explore their singing voice! At Meghan Herder Voice Studio, I am here to help you unlock your potential and find your voice with freedom and ease. Check out my services and about pages for more information on what I do, or feel free to drop me a line! I look forward to working together.

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Yes! I primarily work in private sessions 1:1. I find this is the best way to work individually with singers to help them target their own challenges by working specifically with their instrument. If you are a duet or trio, please feel free to inquire about these sessions. I also provide workshops, intensives, and retreats for students, learners, vocalists, and voice teachers! Check out my Services Page to learn more!

You bet! I teach all year round, excluding weekends 🙂

Yes - in fact, you’re who I love working with! I’m interested in working with singers who have a base knowledge of the vocal instrument, who are looking for ways to enhance their vocal performance. I am particularly skilled at helping singers engage the fine muscles needed for high level vocal performance!

Definitely. There is a lot of crossover between what I do and what an SLP, or vocal physiotherapist or chiropractor might do. Some of my past students have even included SLPs! We have different end goals; where they might be focused on healing a specific injury, I am more focused on bringing out your vocal potential. Let’s work together and get you back singing in ship-shape!

Many of my students are working through injuries. Vocal nodes, paralyzed vocal folds, chronic reflux, laryngitis, and more. My work is about getting you back to singing by combining technique with practice. We don’t do any rehabilitation work without music! This means you are able to recover and work to sing in ways that support your longevity as a singer in preventative and helpful ways!

I am incredibly passionate about technique - but I promise it’s not dull! Technique can be an intimidating word, but what that actually looks like is engaging the body, voice, and listening. The end result is surprising yourself with what you can do with your voice (and what’s more fun than that!) It can be a lot of fine adjustments, but the difference it makes in your abilities will be palpable! My goal is for you to achieve a certain kind of freedom with your voice which will allow you to do the things you want to do with it, which is incredibly fun and fulfilling. 

I love working with the aging voice. There is so much to uncover in how our voices change over time and there is so much longevity we can achieve by finding freedom and ease. I also understand how the voice changes over time and what our voices need as we age and change! The aging voice is a beautiful thing! I work with singers of all ages, including those who are retired from long standing professional singing careers. Check out my Services page or contact me to book a session!

I’m excited to say that online course offerings are currently in development. Visit my Services Page to learn more about online courses and stay tuned for announcements of upcoming online offerings!

Absolutely. I meet each singer where they are at. Some singers come in once for a tune up, while others take consistent sessions throughout the year. No matter your routine, in our time together my goal is to help you understand your own voice and be your own best teacher. You’d be surprised how much can be accomplished in just a single session!

Yep! Packages are available for singers who are looking to have an ongoing routine. Check out Services to learn more. 

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